Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fortysomething ladies in the park

Filled two pages in my sketchbook with various doodles this evening; below are the only two of the lot in show-room condition:

(Wish I could figure out how to put these thumbnails side by side, rather than one atop another as Blogger dictates.)

These two sketches were inspired by two ladies I happened to glance upon as they strolled past my apartment, as I was scratching away in my 'book; all the other doodles I did tonight I concocted straight out of my head. The drawings you see here I'm rather pleased with, particularly the pear-shaped gal on the bottom; the drawings you don't see here -- well, there's a good reason you don't see them here.

Tonight's exercise reminds me that I don't do as much drawing from life (as distinguished from life drawing) as I might. I used to do plenty of it until a few years ago; on the bus to and from my job, between home in Langley and work in Surrey, I'd carry a 5"x8" (or smaller) sketchbook and draw some of the other passengers. As with other artwork, my bus drawings were frustrating and fun in turns, and I thought well enough of them to put a dozen in my portfolio for application to Capilano College. Later, though, I moved to Abbotsford but continued to work in Surrey, and since there was no public transit running between the two towns, I joined a carpool. I still carried my sketchbook, but the only subjects at hand were the backs of my co-riders' heads, so I simply drew whatever lurked in my imagination.

Thus I fell out of the habit of drawing on the bus, and later, when I came to live in North Vancouver and took the bus to and from school, I found I'd lost the nerve to take out my sketchbook in public and glance furtively at strangers in an effort to capture their likenesses. It didn't help to remember that hardly any of them gave me grief about "invading their space", as they might see it, when I used to do it; still I refrained. But now I'll see if I can stifle my nerves and revive my old habit. If I do, I'll put the results up here, if they're fit to show.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sketchbook pages uploaded for your (cough) pleasure

Here you go: A-one and a-two and a-three. I did them in a Pentel RSVP pen -- not the animator's drawing tool of choice, maybe, but I like the feel of it, and it makes a refreshing break from the Col-Erase pencil. I'll be putting them up on my website on their own page (which I'll update with newer sketches over time). They'll look a bit, well, ragged next to the stuff that's already there, but there's a certain charm to raggedness, no? Just as long as they don't look as though I drew them with my foot.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is only a test.

Just like the one for these folks, only not nearly so scary. Or so I hope.

And so ends the test. Normal posting, such as it may be, commences immediately.