Saturday, September 23, 2006

Waiting while the computer does its thing

Today's batch of doodles were scratched out now and then at the studio while I waited for Harmony to make a Quicktime of the latest scene I was working on. At the snail's pace at which my computer, a machine of quirky temperament, sometimes works, I can bat out as much as a page a day. The husky at the bottom was drawn from life; his owner, a supervisor recently transferred from Mercury's Ottawa studio, started bringing him to work every day three weeks ago and has proved a hit with the rest of the stable. A handsome and amiable fellow, he saunters among the crew and receives their petting and nuzzling amiably. Some rough-house with him up to the point where he starts growling, which I found unsettling at first, but it was soon apparent to me that it was all in fun and he knew it. All the same, not having before handled an animal larger or more troublesome than a cat, I never try anything more daring than a pat on his head, which he doesn't seem to mind. I could never tell if his growling meant he was enjoying himself or he wanted to sink his teeth into my hand.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I seem to be a doodle

Here, on the latest page from my sketchbook, in the upper left corner, the doodler stands among his doodles. The look of bafflement will be familiar to all who've seen me in person. The pouty-lipped character at the toe of my left foot is supposed to be a woman, but looks more like a man in drag. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the nose?