Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Ruby Gloom site!

But first, a selection of my latest sketchbook scratchings:

Ahem. The website for Ruby Gloom, whose heroine is my hard but fair taskmistress, has recently been revamped, and among its new goodies are a grab-bag of video clips of Ruby and her friends engaged in merry adventures a-plenty. Nothing up there animated by me, though. Not yet!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Inflatable hate doll

Oh, it's lovely to work in the popular arts, where you can draw whatever pops into your head and your boss not only doesn't mind but occasionally even gets a chuckle from one of your doodles. Where else can you do that? Nowhere, that's where!

Not all above is unbidden foolishness, mind you. The five full figures in the top row are of Ruby Gloom, the lady who feeds and houses me, bless her heart. Here I'm trying to find the best way to make her scamper onscreen with cheery expectation.

Here's one more dipsy doodle, from the flip side of the above sheet:

The phrase "inflatable hate doll" has flitted through my head once or twice in the past, but I don't recall putting down a likely likeness of an inflatable hate doll before, so since I had a pencil in hand at the notion's latest pass through my noggin, I fleshed it out for keeps. Now, this sounds like the sort of idea that would occur independently to plenty of people at one time or another, and as with other such ideas anyone who thinks of it just has to share it with other people in some form, at least to show what a clever Dick he is. And, of course, the result would appear on the Web -- along with other instances of the very same idea, as conceived (each independently of the others) by dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of other people. But a Google search turns up not a single web page containing the phrase "inflatable hate doll". None at all. A cute if smutty joke that could have occurred to anyone fairly bright and not given to prudishness, doesn't seem to have done so -- until it did to me. There's a fine lesson to be learned here. If I figure out what it is I'll let you know.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The results: a selection

Right, well, so here they are, the best bits from that life drawing session I've been babbling about for two days. This was my first whack at sketching people in the flesh (and nothing else) since September. I had a rough start with the 30-second gestures; it was as if I'd forgotten how the human body is put together. For the rest of the session, though, I produced drawings that were as good as any I'd produced before -- which is a bit disconcerting when I think how I could have improved in the past five months with regular attendance at Basic Inquiry or some such place. Well, let me count myself blessed for not having gotten worse.

The model, whom my esteemed schoolchums and I have drawn before, was very good as usual. I don't remember her name, which is embarrassing because I used to be on the life drawing committee that hired her. She's an Asian lass probably not far past twenty, with a face as round as the moon, short coral pink pouty lips, bangs, and a continuous look of unfocused annoyance. The rest of her you can discern (I hope) from the following:

I bought a string of tickets to future sessions, and I shan't be letting them go to waste. However, I'll keep my future life drawings to myself except when I produce something really boastworthy. Cartoons, of course, will come thick and fast.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The results (teaser)

So I made it to Cap's life drawing session yesterday morning, just as I said I would. I sat in for the whole three hours and produced half a dozen pages of sketches, eight or nine of which I can bear to show here, but I'm already half-way out the door to work, so I'll put them up when I get back home tonight. For now, here's a pair of them, just to prove I did too go to life drawing, so there:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The busy beaver returns...

...just long enough to post to his blog for the first time in a month, before he dashes back to work. February promises to be the busiest month yet, which, you may reasonably assume, means that this blog falls silent again for another couple of fortnights. But no -- your host shall endeavour to find the time to commit pencil to paper in his scant free time and display the results here no less often than twice a week. Ha ha! You see if I don't.

As a matter of fact, I'll be taking in the life drawing session at Cap this morning, and I'll be uploading scans of the choice bits, such as they may be, by this time tomorrow. There. Having neglected life drawing for longer than I care to admit, I am now primed to take it up again, if only to avoid looking like an ass after the foregoing announcement.

In the meantime, please enjoy our latest selection: