Friday, April 20, 2007

Bobby-soxer boogie

Another busy month, but your humble cartoonist has nonetheless managed to do some doodling on the side -- eleven pages, no less. Each page has its gems and its duds, and what with the lack of time for scanning, cutting and pasting the gems into a single JPEG, I have to choose and post a page with the highest gem-to-dud ratio if I want to keep my readers (cough). So here's the best of the lot:

I haven't yet followed up on Sean's suggestion that I try my hand at greeting cards. As the above page suggests, my drawings may not naturally lend themselves to ready-made salutations for all crowds for all occasions. The few characters of mine who address the reader mostly dole out insults or abuse. Cards with drawings like that would find a ready market only among psychic sadists and psychic masochists, of whom there are probably too few to pay the artist's rent and grocery bill. Still, the notion remains in the back of my mind, and very likely it'll nudge forth a seemly gag or two.

Regular readers (cough, cough) will recall my throwaway drawing of the inflatable hate doll and my amazement that nobody else seems to have thought of the idea. A Google search didn't, and still doesn't, turn up any mention of that concept other than my own. Earlier this week, however, I tried another search, and this time I found that a copy of my blog entry seemed to appear on a site called I didn't go any further than the Google search results page, as I'm nervous about my computer's health, but the results page quoted part of the text from bestdolls4u, and it was identical to what I wrote in my blog. Now that site doesn't turn up in a search anymore. It beats me how my words wound up on it. Maybe its webmaster thought he'd chanced upon a hot-ticket item and wanted to cash in on it, and thought better of it a few days later. Hmm.

Off to the mines again. I'll be done the latest episode by Tuesday night, if the gods forbear to toy with me.