Sunday, July 29, 2007

Self-playing guitar and more

Now presenting selections from this month's sketchbook folderol. I like the gag at the bottom of the first page; I gotta do more like it. Maybe, as per Sean's suggestion, I could put it on a greeting card.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Return to life drawing!

Wonder of wonders, I made it to the life drawing session at Cap yesterday. I finished my scenes on the latest episode of Ruby Gloom by late afternoon, so I took in a summer session at my alma mater last night. I got there ten minutes late and was surprised to find that the room was packed with students of the human figure. I'd have despaired of finding any place to lay my drawing pad if Will Bradford hadn't been there and waved me over in his direction to share his desk. He even fetched a chair from the hallway for me when I was prepared to kneel at the drawing board. Wotta pal, wotta pal, wotta pal!

I didn't even know whether there were any sessions at Cap this summer; I just headed over to the accustomed room at the accustomed time and hoped I'd find other artists at work. The chances were pretty good that I wouldn't; I learned later that the previous two sessions had been cancelled. But this one was in full swing, and, as noted, well attended -- twenty-six faces all told, some familiar to me, some not. When Susan and I ran the summer sessions two years ago we drew only seven or eight people a night on average. That wasn't enough to cover the model's fee, so I made up the difference and got my money back in the fall. I wish I'd thought to ask the current monitors how they manage to pull 'em in (not that knowing would be any use to me now, mind you).

So anyway, I sat in for the whole three hours less ten minutes and produced a batch of drawings, some of which I've reproduced below. The model was one of the old familiars from our college days. I forget his name, but you know him as the balding, hairy guy.